Letter to the Editor: Leave former coach alone


Can’t we give Urban Meyer a little slack? Was it best to handle things the way he did? Perhaps not, but would it have been better had he announced to his team and everyone else that he had taken the Florida job a month ago, or whenever the deal was done? They might not even be in the Fiesta Bowl right now if he had-it would have been a major distraction to the team. Or should he have announced it following the Fiesta Bowl: “By the way, I’m no longer your coach.”

This probably would have led to fans and the team feeling even more betrayed. Can’t we just take the positive out of this situation and quit begrudging Meyer? He took a mediocre football program and led it to greatness in just two years. He took us to the BCS, the first time in our history, and the first time a mid-major team has made it. He did great things for the community as well as the school by getting us to be more involved, in going to the games.

Alan Fonnesbeck

Senior, Psychology