Urban is a legend

Let’s get one thing straight; Urban’s helped this place. A lot! There’s no reason to get bitter. You are the ones who emphatically cheered his name every game.

You are the ones who followed his instructions of filling the stands and going to ESPN “College Football GameDay” at 7:30 in the morning. He played this university like a puppet, but guess what? That’s how you get ahead in life.

A fan at the TDS game was shown on ESPN with a sign saying, “Urban is God.” I’m starting to believe that many others throughout the community believed it too and I’m willing to bet, (even double down) that there was a point in time where more people would adhere to his counsel than the LDS prophet’s.

Following the conclusion of the San Diego State game at Qualcomm Stadium, the MUSS traditionally cheered his name accompanied by five claps. During this ritual of an activity, I overheard a player question (relatively under his breath), “Why are you cheering his name? He didn’t play in the game.” It’s true, he didn’t go undefeated this season, the athletics director didn’t sell out the games, the offensive coordinator didn’t put up those points and the quarterback didn’t complete all those passes. It was me! Just kidding, it was all of us!

The success of the football team this season is because of the collective effort of a community coming together. From Swoop to the guys who raise the nets for the extra points, we were all in it together.

He didn’t make a block; he didn’t intercept a pass and sure as hell didn’t travel 17 hours in the MUSS bus. How exactly did he win us over to the extent he did? Was it his name, his charm, or perhaps his tenacity? Nowhere was he hyped more than right here in the backyard, so the way local media and residents are ripping him is unjust.

The events that have transpired over the past few weeks are not as detrimental as many believe. He has taught me a valuable lesson about life. Many unfortunate events happen to each and every one of us, whether in life or on the football field, but the most important thing is how we react to such events. He gave us a lot: his time, good humor, dedication and praise, and what’s being said is true, the U’s football program has suffered major blows in the areas of coaching and recruiting, but how will WE react? Because WE were the cause of such great success this season, WE will control OUR destiny in the future.

Urban Meyer is now Urban Legend. No hard feelings coach, your services are greatly appreciated. Although you weren’t up to the challenge at Notre Dame, WE’RE up to it here. So guess what, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

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If given the opportunity to say goodbye to Urban Meyer, would you be more inclined to say “Best of luck!” or “Get bent!”

Of 25 respondents: 68 percent (17) Best of luck 32 percent (8) Get bent