Making the list

It’s officially over, and it’s only just begun.

The year of the W (Wu-Tang or George???) is now behind us, for better and for worse, and what that means is it’s now time to turn a critical eye on the pop-culture comings and goings of the Year That Was.

Hence the A&E Best/Schmest Awards. With the following ballot, you, loyal reader, are hereby given the power to make your opinions heard. What rocked last year? What sucked? Which bands blew up? Which just plain blew?

There is plenty of material to choose from, so make your selections carefully-did the mass invasion of indie rock ala Modest Mouse, The Walkmen, Franz Ferdinand and The Arcade Fire knock your socks off or leave you feeling flat?

How about Kanye West’s innovative brand of self-conscious ego-gospel rap?

“The O.C.” was unbelievably influential, so how about those rich emo brats determining the definition of mass cultural cool?

See, we told you there was a lot to think about. As such, the A&E section is generously extending the acceptance date for Best/Schmest ballot submissions until this Friday, Jan. 14. Take advantage of this opportunity to let us know what you think-we promise, we’ll listen.

Cut out the attached ballot form, fill it out and drop it off in Union Room 240, care of the A&E section by Friday. Put your name on it if you feel like it-the most unique and provoking lists have a chance for publication, along with author’s title, online at Additionally, those who don’t have access to a pen/pencil can get their hands on a printable cyber-ballot at the same Internet address.

When all the ballots have been read and the choices tallied, we will publish the resulting U Campus Best/Schmest list based on your input and our own staffs’ sage musings.

E-mail question and comments about the list to [email protected]

Enjoy and happy voting!

Pop Culture ParadiseWhat moments did 2004 leave in the time capsule of American pop culture?

Best Schmest1. 1.2. 2.3. 3. 4. 4.5. 5.

Righteous Jams and Miserable BandsWhich new records saved you from educational insanity? Which drove you to it?

Best Schmest1. 1.2. 2.3. 3.4. 4. 5. 5.

The Silver Screen SceneWhich new films were shooting stars and which were simply falling?

Best Schmest1. 1.2. 2.3. 3. 4. 4.5. 5.

Hometown Heroes and VilliansWhich local bands rocked you like a hurricane? Which rained on your parade?

Best Schmest1. 1.2. 2.3. 3.

Hot Spots or Cold Sores?Which local venues, clubs, coffee shops and “hangouts” supplied your fix of social salvation? Which left you craving for more?

Best Schmest1. 1.2. 2.3. 3.