The Chronicle’s View: Talkin’ Giac and layin’ smack

Fans have been hard on U basketball coach Ray Giacoletti for no good reason. He’s been criticized on message boards, around water coolers and game seats are left empty.

Not only does he not deserve this critical apathy, but he’s also had an incredible season so far.

The Utes are 13-3 so far and have won the last eight games- three of which were against competitive teams. Additionally, they beat those tough teams by large margins.

Giacoletti is doing well. The basketball MUSS has been strong and the ad campaigns are doing a wonderful job getting the word out about how exciting Ute basketball is this season.

People talking smack about our team have no ground to stand on.

We know it’s hard getting over Rick Majerus. He was a legend and we had several really good seasons.

Get over it! Quit comparing the two. To fill Rick’s shoes, Giac would have to continually beat people over the head, consume his own bodyweight of food on a daily basis and violate every NCAA infraction possible without getting fired.

That’s too much to ask. An incredible winning record should be enough.

No one realized how talented this team was before Giac showed up.

Majerus had Marc Jackson benched for two years. At the last game Jackson made five of eight three-pointers and scored 23 points.

The naysayers are making blithe judgments without looking at the numbers.

If the pickle-suckers want to miss out on an incredible winning season, let them-but quit spreading negativity about a successful coach.

Giacoletti deserves the same warm welcome we gave Urban. Sure Urban Meyer was replacing a disappointment and Giac is replacing a legend, but new faces and high-scoring players are exciting regardless of what “used to be.”

Maybe everyone is still bitter about the U being a revolving door or stepping stone (not at the same time, the door would get stuck) for coaches. Why? We should be used to it by now. It’s a fact of life. Get over it.

It’s conceivable the loss to Utah State doomed the season in some minds. Awaken those people. The Aggies are a good team, especially at home. And the Utes are still upset about that loss and it continues to fuel them to greater and greater heights.

U basketball deserves our support. This is going to be a great season.