Letter to the Editor: Huntsman has done nothing ommendable his first two weeks


Let’s not be too eager to drown our new governor’s supposed “mandate” in praise because of his simple decision to respectfully not take a bribe from the new owner of Envirocare.

RuthAnne Frost (in Jan. 11’s “Huntsman: Waste not, want not on Envirocare”) proposes the governor has “proven his political integrity” by not doing something that was unethical.

This commendable action is not the only thing Gov. Huntsman has done in his first two weeks on the job. Many well-respected and competent state employees received the boot via group e-mail without an exit interview or a thank you. This action, even while it was necessary for his new economic vision, is inexcusable.

Huntsman has also announced, expectantly, that he will strive to repeal corporate income tax and capital gains. Nearly $300 million in revenue is earmarked for public and higher education. Huntsman has yet to announce a plan to replace these funds.

The governor didn’t receive my vote in November, and he hasn’t received my vote of confidence.

Jennifer Reed

Senior, Psychology