Letter to the Editor: Society has a moral obligation to protect marriage


The tone of Andrew Cannon’s article (Jan. 13’s “The defenders of marriage are at it again”) is, “let people do what they want because society’s actions don’t affect him.”

While it sounds very open-minded and courteous on the outside, it ignores the adverse affects of such immoral tolerance in our society.

To me, it’s like saying, “Let people lie, rape, steal and murder all they want-as long as they aren’t doing that to me, I have no problem with their decisions.”

This nation and government was founded upon Christian principles that tell us that marriage is sacred and does not include homosexual unions.

Check out this Web site to see actual quotes from the founding fathers about the importance of religion and Christianity to them in establishing this nation: http://www.wtv-zone.com/Mary/forsakenroots.html.

I do agree with Cannon that those who supported Amendment 3 should also support the no-divorce-without-good-reason amendment.

If you make a commitment to marry someone, you better stick to it, unless there is a good reason.

Trevor Burnett