Letter to the Editor: Calendar’s humor poorly timed


In lieu of Jan. 13’s “The Fellowship of the Calendar,” I express my shock and concern on the use of an ethnic epithet found in said article.

Riding on the success of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, the writer (no author was specified by name) referred to the lead character of the films as a “weirdo with a Jew-fro,” this being the highlight of several slanted and derisive comments.

I am saddened that such latent anti-Semitism could find its way into the Independent Voice of the University of Utah.

I consider it a blight on the otherwise informative Chronicle. I find it even more so now, being printed in the middle of the Martin Luther King Jr. remembrance holiday. A retraction and an apology are in order.

Maxwell Stoneman

Freshman, English

Editor’s Note: Eryn Green, editor of A&E’s Calendar, is Jewish.