Senate and House Leadership

Leadership for both the Senate and the House is established through elections within the majority party. The Republican Party currently holds a majority of seats in both the Senate and the House. Under the Utah State Constitution, the state budget falls under the jurisdiction of the State Legislature and Senate and House Leadership are charged with coordinating the budget. In the case of compensation of state employees, Senate and House leadership, along with the chairpersons of the Executive Appropriations Committee, will play a major role in deciding if and how much money will be allocated.


Sen. John L. Valentine, President of the SenateRepublican, Orem

Sen. Peter C. Knudson, Majority LeaderRepublican, Brigham City

Sen. Dan R. Eastman, Majority WhipRepublican, Bountiful

Sen. Beverly Evans, Assistant Majority WhipRepublican, Altamont


Rep. Jeff Alexander,Majority LeaderRepublican, Provo

Rep. Stephen H. Urquhart, Majority WhipRepublican, St. George

Rep. Ben C. Ferry,Assistant Majority WhipRepublican, Corinne

Executive Appropriations Chairpersons

Sen. Lyle W. Hillyard, Co-ChairpersonRepublican, Logan

Sen. Curtis S. Bramble,Vice ChairpersonRepublican, Provo

Rep. Ron Bigelow, Co-ChairpersonRepublican, West Valley City

Rep. Stephen D. Clark,Vice ChairpersonRepublican, Santa Clara