Let’s open a ‘Reign of the Readers’

The Chronicle’s opinion page is supposed to be a forum for discussing issues faced by members of the U community. The page has many contributors: staffers write columns and readers write letters.But we at the Chrony would like to hear more from you, the reader, and so propose some new opportunities for you to tell us what you’re thinking. Don’t stop writing Letters to the Editor, but here are other ways to get involved:

A Chronicle Reader’s Panel: We’re looking for 20 or 30 volunteers to participate in surveys and discussions on what would make the Chrony a necessary part of your day. If you’re willing to join the panel, please email us.

Boners of the Day and Things That Must Go: It’s a great idea that has been a popular part of one of Utah’s morning radio shows for years. Why can’t we? During the day the U has a population of 40,000, making us the fifth-largest city in the state. That’s plenty of material. If you observe someone committing a boner or doing something that must stop, then send us an email.

Soapbox Fridays: This is your opinion page, so why not use it gratuitously? We will occasionally print ANYTHING [appropriate] you want to say (less 60 words-space permitting) to announce events, to advocate views, to give some props, whatever.

Finish the Story: Tired of reading the news? What if we made some up? We will publish the beginning of a fictional story and invite you to finish it. We’ll publish the best response or portions of many.

We’ll start as soon as we hear from you. Write us at [email protected]