The Chronicel’s View: Get hooked up at the Union

Renovation of the engineering building resulted in the loss of one of the most-used computer labs on campus.

Of all the services offered from student fees paid each semester, none has the mass appeal of the computer labs.

Although it’s one of the most expensive fees, it’s a service that can be used by any student at any one of the many labs around campus.

For those with their own wireless Internet on laptops, the labs have a variety of programs and speed that are still great for an emergency (when a battery dies or a special project is done).

In short, we students love our computer labs and are so grateful for them.

It is understandable then, why engineering students have been so irate at losing their lab during the Merrill Building’s renovation. That was a big lab and the building, on the far north side of campus, is not close to another large lab.

In response to outcries of injustice, the administration has responded by expanding the lab in the Union’s underground.

What a perfect solution! That space is close to the Merrill Building and it’s large, spacious and currently underused.

Way to go engineering students for making your wants and wishes known, and way to go administration for responding quickly and effectively to the problem.

So many times problems arise on campus and instead of taking action, the victims merely gripe and moan and talk about transferring to Utah State (except in the winter time because of the cold-complainers aren’t a very hearty group).

Sometimes problems arise and the victims make themselves known, but nothing is done to alleviate their pain.

The creation of the expanded Union computer lab is an example of good government at work. The people made their voice heard, and the powers that be responded in a timely, effective and considerate fashion.

After all, what are students to do without their weekly dose of “Home Star Runner?” Computers don’t just make academic life possible, they make it endurable.

Being denied access to much-needed computers can be worse than being denied food. While food riots plague the world daily, U students showed restraint and maturity in achieving needed change.

Nice job to those on both sides, and thanks to the Union for providing the space. Engineering students, welcome to the Union!