Letter to the Editor: In all seriousness, using cell phones in class shows ingratitude


In response to Carrie Ferrera (“I need my phone to ring in class”Feb. 2):

The note is made that “Maybe I should just grow up, get real and at least switch my phone to vibrate.” There is no maybe here. When any of us chooses to attend class, to learn or for that matter to teach, it is our obligation as academics to silence our phones.

We are lucky that we are in classes in the first place.

If any of us begin to feel that it is more important to use our cell phones to text our friend across the hall, then it is time to re-evaluate why we chose to learn in the first place.

There are many people in the world who would give anything to take our places, and would probably study harder and participate more in class than us. So, if you want to text your friend, don’t even come to school.

Michael Landesman

Doctoral Student

Biological Chemistry