Credit where credit is due

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Dear Editor My name is Todd Clark and I am the Director of the Student Services Board at ASUU and my board has been working with the student tax program. Thank you very much for you letter concerning the student tax program. Not only were you very complementary to ASUU but you also provided great publicity for the program. While we do feel we have been doing a service to the student body by advertising it, thanks also belongs with the Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honors Society, the group that runs and operates the student tax program.

In your article you correctly identified that one of the main purposes of ASUU is to provide services for students, which we were more than happy to do by advertising this service around campus. However, of equal importance is ASUU’s desire to assist student groups achieve goals they have set for themselves in any we can, be it helping them interact with administrators, other student groups, or the campus as a whole. Beta Alpha Psi has operated this program for several years now with a focus on tax returns for foreign students, filing about 300 tax returns a year. This year they have decided to open their services to all students, and have a goal of completing one thousand. ASUU would like to help them reach that goal, and I for one am personally going to see that they are one tax return closer to achieving it.Todd ClarkSoph, Bioengineering