Single awareness day: Let’s have a day for single people, celebrating not having a romantic evening planned

Ah, Valentine’s Day, a dayof chocolates, roses and theawareness that I’m single,again.So why beat myself downfor not having a romanticevening planned, thus suckingmyself into the vacuumlikeworld of love and romance?Valentine’s Day is mySingle Awareness Day, a dayin which my shoulders aresquared, chin upturned asI walk with pride knowing Idon’t have to carry the extraweight of a boyfriend.Boyfriends are trouble.They want to know where youare, what you are doing, whoyou are going with and why.As a single person, you yourselfnever have to answer anyof those ridiculous questions.And it’s on that rare occasionthat I myself feel it necessaryto answer the questions.Realistically speaking, do Ireally want to explain to myselfhalf of the things I do andwhy? Of course not.The only problem with singlelife is living in a culturewhere by the age o f 22, I’vealready been classified an oldhag.Don’t fret, Utah singletons,plenty more opportunitiesabound in the world, and youshouldn’t get down just yet.The pressure to get your truelove and live happily ever afterexists everywhere. Morestars my age are getting marriedand walking down theaisle.Current examples includeNick Lachey and JessicaSimpson or Britney Spearsand Kevin Federline (thoughI’m not sure if we shouldcount the latter as a secondmarriage). The point here isthat people outside of Utahare getting hitched at 22 and23 years of age.Why, just the other day Ispoke to a guy who is just twoyears my senior. His daughtermust have been at least 2 or 3years old.Think of the extraordinaryperks you get for being single.You enjoy adulthood longerbecause you don’t haveto worry about looking aft erchildren.Kids age you, and, quitehonestly, I enjoy being young.These are the best days ofour life, right? That’s what everyonescreams and shoutsabout. Well, I’m going tomake certain of that.Besides, severalfriends of mine are havingkids and my brother (OK,so far just one) has kids butthat’s just another plus to beingsingle. First, I get to be the”cool” aunt who buys thingsfor my nieces (and soon-to-benephew). Then, I get to teachthem ways to act up for theirparents. Finally, at the end ofthe day, I go home withoutthem. (Sorry Douglas, ignorethis part.)There’s far too much hypeabout Valentine’s, thus markinga specific day to realizewhat a wonderful relationshipyou have with your partner,when in all actuality youspend the remaining 364 daysarguing.Today shouldn’t be a day tofeeld o w n just becauseyou don’t have a boyfriendor a girlfriend, and becauseevery couple is seemingly declaringtheir love. Look at thepower that single life o ffers,go out into the cruel worldand take control. Have somepride in not being caughtsomewhere up in the cloudsamid the hype of luxurychocolates and plush teddybears holding hearts.It’s all about the Benjamins,[email protected]