Dating do’s and don’ts: How to be a success at beating loneliness

For those wallowing in sorrow and loneliness yesterday, here are some dating guidelines gleaned from the personal experiences of many students to improve your chances for love.

Do* Clean Car * Brush teeth* Floss* Have a plan* Ask questions about your date* When asked for ideas give a suggestion* Be honest* Show affection when appropriate * Hooker boots* Have a back up plan or a failsafe plan* Compliment your date, (please and thank you are great) * Get the door* Be a lady* Be a gentleman* Dance* Sing along to the radio* Play a little (only a little) hard to get* Eat* Leave’m hanging till the next date* Look showered, clean, dressed and wear decent clothing* Have an opinion* Introduce your date to others* Girl-unlock the dude’s door* Smell good* Equal initiation of conversation* Call within 5 days of a date* When asked what CD you want to listen to don’t say whatever-pick a CD* Be true, be yourself * Give courtesy laughs* Register your car* Let your date know how to prepare * Know what you want (no wishy-washy crap) * Better overdressed than under dressed* If you are genuinely interested but honestly busy, offer a time/date for a reschedule* Have a roommate slyly ask when you’ll be back so you know how long the date will last* Go to some effort* Smile * Eye contact* Be confident, not cocky* Say no if not interested* Tell clean jokes* Be spontaneous* Get out of your comfort zone

Don’t* Put on too much makeup* Wear witch shoes* Give one-word answers* Wear a tube top* Talk about yourself all night* Gossip about others* Speak to your mission buddy in a foreign language, unless the date understands* Use inside jokes, they aren’t funny to anyone else* Lie* Don’t try to hide acne with two layers of makeup; the cure is worse than the problem* Talk about ex-relationships * Answer the phone* Talk about unsanitary mission conditions* Be late (more than 20 minutes)* Don’t leave your date with others* Talk in the third person* Kiss on the first date* Play games* Fish for compliments* Don’t phase out, end it* Whine (never ever)* Set someone up as a charity date for your roommate * Tell long stories, that aren’t cool (and that end with, “you had to have been there”)* Retell a joke that somebody missed* Honk to pick up date* Give hugs to anyone other than your date (unless it’s your parents or grandparents)* Stay out too late* Do the never-ending date* Brag* Elongate the door step scene * Go on a lot of group dates* Hit on others while on the [email protected]