Letter to the Editor: The U doesn’t need another rec center


I can’t believe that many students here at the U want to tack on another $100 or so to the already exorbitant student fees for yet another recreation center when we don’t even use the ones we already have.

Case in point: for a measly $10 the school offers intramural sports programs for as many people as want to participate. I signed up for racquetball only to find that instead of the three levels of competition that were intended, all were lumped into one because there were only FIVE other souls who wanted to play. At least two of those are faculty/staff in the ESSF department.

So to all those who want to waste MY money on yet another rec center in addition to the Nielsen Field house and the four-building HPR Complex, I say go waste your own money at Gold’s Gym.

Eric Mortenson

Sophomore, Chemical Engineering