response to Andrew Bennion (Feb. 15)

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Editor,I have always believed that communication is a very fragile tool. The letter I wrote in defense of Ward Churchill was not a defense of his beliefs or his less than successful tactics for expressing them. It was a protest against his statements being taken out of context so as to obscure the true meaning of his message. As I mentioned in the letter, the sentiments expressed were those of Ward Churchill, not my own. Perhaps this would have been more clearly illustrated if the end quotation mark had not been omitted. I also believe that if people will take the time to read the complete article which I referenced in the letter, and to read Ward Churchill’s book ‘On the Justice of Roosting Chickens’, they might discover some of the answers to the questions posed by Andrew Bennion. It is equally possible that people will discover some alarming and disturbing facts of history, which many may chose to ignore. None the less, greater education will have taken place, and people can honestly decide for themselves what to think. I’m not asking for agreement, I’m just asking people to look a little farther than what the media and other mainstream information sources are providing as ‘facts’.

Colyn Kilmer,Junior, Communications