Letter to the Editor: Illegal immigration must be curbed


Jake Parkinson, you did a great job reporting this! (“Leg. tables bill that would repeal illegal-immigrant law,” Feb. 14)

I appreciate your article and also appreciate the fact that the U has finally published something on the subject of immigration, which they have failed miserably to do in the past.

There is no other subject that is more important to our community and country than immigration, as it is having a staggering effect on all of us, especially on the cost of education.

I want to add that the statement made by Irma Hernandez sounds racist, and she is more concerned about “her (Hispanic?) friends” than what is fair to our citizens. She unfairly slanders the group Utahns for Immigration Reform and Enforcement as an “anti-immigration group,” which is nothing more than a blatant lie.

UFIRE has no problem with legal immigration at reasonable levels but is against excessive illegal immigration.

Kenny Williams

Salt Lake City