Letter to the Editor: Chrony film reviewers need to recognize genres


I have been an extreme fan of film for some time now, and I am getting really frustrated by biased film reviewers. Don’t make it obvious in your reviews that you do not like the genre you are reviewing.

Just because Constantine (“Crapstantine: Even Keanu Reeves’ ‘amazing’ acting talents can’t save audiences from this movie” Feb. 17) was not “real enough,” the reviewer disliked it, totally disregarding the fact that it is a good genre film.

It might not be a good film, but everything she rips on is obvious in all comic-book films: prolific dialogue, cheesy one-liners and extreme effects. If you are a true film fan, you can name films from all genres you like because they follow the genre rules.

Your reviewers continually “diss” on genre films like comic films, horror and sci-fi because they are biased. Your reviewers must be less biased or more educated or both.

Mike Willden

Senior, Speech Communication