Spice’ up elections by saying what you really, really want

Many of us fondly remember the song, “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. We received some profound advice in the lyrics of this peppy little ditty: You have to tell people what you really, really want.

The fact that fewer people are running for ASUU office can be an advantage to students because we have a unique opportunity to tell the candidates what we really, really want out of government.

Fewer parties running means less rhetoric to sort through and more approachable candidates. It will be easier to tell them what you want and hold them accountable to it.

There are those around us who subconsciously believe others have psychic abilities. Women who expected their boyfriends to buy them white gold hoop earrings for Valentine’s Day without so much as a hint. Parents who expected their kids to know they wanted them at home for Thanksgiving even though they said it would be all right if they went skiing instead.

When asked, most people will express an attitude of smug superiority toward these oddly secretive people, yet we are all guilty of such behavior. The vast majority of students expect ASUU leaders to know what kind of programming and policies they want without having to tell them.

This year you can vote for the parties that promise to secure your demands.

Every year the parties say the same exact things: improve the Presenter’s Office, promote diversity, be fiscally responsible and improve student involvement.

Quite frankly saying it isn’t going to make it happen. Let’s make these candidates either offer specifics about how they plan to realize these changes or make them talk about something else.

Let’s make sure we know what these candidates are planning for Homecoming Week and the senior class gift. Let’s know what they think about implementing a recycling program and holding student groups accountable for spending their funding wisely.

Let’s ask these candidates if they plan to attend 100 percent of their meetings or if this service is just something to put on a rsum.

The ASUU office is located in the Union, Room 234.

Go find these candidates or e-mail them.

People Incorporated Party campaign manager: [email protected]

Student First Party: [email protected]

None of the Above Party: [email protected]

Make them address the issues you care about and make them really work for us.

[email protected]