now see here: Movies Opening on Feb. 25, 2005

“Cursed”Directed by Wes CravenThe directing/screenwriting team that brought us “Scream” is back with this werewolf thriller starring Christina Ricci. Hopefully, we won’t see any raspy-voiced lycanthropes phoning up Drew Barrymore. “Do you like hairy movies?” (PG-13)

“Diary of a Mad Black Woman”Directed by Paul WeitzIt’s either a story about a man who asks his wife for a divorce, or someone finally made “The Wanda Sykes Story.” (PG-13)

“Man of the House”Directed by Stephen Herek Tommy Lee Jones goes the FBI route again, this time protecting a team of cheerleaders who witnessed a murder. Is it just me, or does this plot have all the good ingredients of a porno? I can see it now. Cheerleader: “I’m not wearing any panties!” Jones: “I don’t care!” (PG-13)

“What Is It?” Directed by Crispin Hellion GloverAnd you thought David Lynch was nutty. Crispin Glover (of “Back to the Future,” George McFly fame) directs this ber-surreal nightmare vision of Shirley Temple Nazis, nude girls in monkey masks and snail enzymes. Bunuel ain’t got s*** on this guy. Seriously. Glover himself will be in town from Feb. 25-27 for Q&A after the show. Go to for details. (Unrated, but probably FUBAR, if that were a real rating.)

Compiled by Aaron Allen