Proofread articles

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]


In recent editions, your writers have asked for input from readers on how to make the Chronicle better. I figured I’d answer the call.

In order for the Chrony to better meet my needs, I would like for your staff to proofread their articles more carefully. Almost every morning, I pick up a copy of the Chrony before class, and, almost every morning I find mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

Now, I would hardly claim that I am the know all and be all when it comes to grammar. But it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in Technical writing to know the difference between there and their (“Chrony cartoonist wins award,” Feb. 24). To be completely fair, mistakes of this kind are the least frequent type of mistakes I’ve found while reading the Chrony. Usually it’s something along the lines of words missing from picture captions (“MLK celebration to be marked through the arts,” Jan. 12), inaccurate text in tables (“Bookstore Blues,” Jan. 25), or misspelled story descriptions on the front page.

The Chronicle is one of the better student run newspapers out there; it deserves to be taken seriously. That is hard to do when one finds mistakes typical of third graders, indicating that someone neglected to take the extra step beyond spell check in Microsoft Word: actually proofreading.

Teresa TuanJunior, Biochemistry