Elections committee sides with Students First at grievance hearing

The Students First Party is off the hook.

The Elections Committee overturned four accusations Wednesday that the party had actively campaigned before the Feb. 19 starting date.

“We were pleased with the ruling,” said Ali Hasnain, presidential candidate for Students First. “We felt the majority of the accusations were baseless.”

Jon Peterson, a core committee member of People Incorporated, filed the grievances after attending a Students First party at the Alpha Tau Omega chapter house on Feb. 4. Though Students First had posters and signs hanging on the walls of the house, the Elections Committee overturned the grievances because the elections registrar had issued a verbal opinion that campaign materials in closed parties were allowed.

The committee also relied on testimonies of partygoers to refute claims that it was a requirement to say “Vote Students First” before entering the party.

Peterson’s third and fourth accusations that Students First had violated Residence Hall policies did not stand, either. This is because they did not apply to the Greek fraternity house at which the party was held, according to the committee.

“There was active campaigning and campaign material the committee should have addressed,” said Kaysha Gurell, public relations representative for People Incorporated.

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