Letter to the Editor: I’m sick of being locked in a bathroom stall

Editor:I simply cannot stay silentanymore! Honestly, I am so sick ofgetting locked in bathroom stallsthroughout campus.If girls were just getting lockedin the stalls it would not be so bad,but I can’t even tell you how manytimes women are using the bathroomand the stall door just swingswide open.Women, you know what I amtalking about. I had to ask a girlin OSH to kick open the door so Iwouldn’t be stuck in there forever.I would think the U might be ableto fork out enough money to buybathroom-stall locks that actuallywork.I won’t even get started on thewater, or whatever the liquid thatthe toilet leaks which is found inevery bathroom on campus. Thereis nothing like wading through aswamp to get to the toilet.Please, all that I am asking forare bathroom doors that open, shutand lock normally without problems!Annie JonesJunior,Family and Consumer Studies