Social Security: Investing In OUR Futures

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Let’s all consider for a moment the opportunity we have for each of us to be able to invest the potential money we will be entitled to upon retiring. Should we just be able to take what the government gives us in respect to the amount of Social Security each of us will be able to receive once we reach retirement age or should we also have the opportunity to invest that money in a rightful cause being able to grow and spend it how we would like to? Might we also realize the potential growth that may come from investing that income we will receive from Social Security as being a way of having money available to our children and grandchildren when we have passed on. In having the opportunity to invest the money how we want to it will give us the chance to build a greater income base for us to live on without having to be concerned about working until we’re dead.

Justin WrightPre Mass [email protected]