Union Programming Council chooses new executive director

The Union Programming Council named Tarina Freimann its new executive director Feb. 24.

Freimann is already at work looking for six students to be next year’s UPC directors.

“We are looking for anyone that wants to get involved,” Freimann said. “The varying positions provide growth and leaderships skills for students.”

The UPC is a campus organization dedicated to providing quality student events and leadership experiences. It is responsible for such events as Crimson Nights, Friday Night Live and Pazoovie nights.

The budget for the UPC has stayed stagnant for the past seven years at $88,000, but the organization has doubled the programming, said Chad Dilley, current executive director of UPC.

As director, Freimann is setting goals to continue to see the success of UPC grow.

“I want to take a look back and see how we can incorporate more student groups,” Freimann said. “I want the student directors to reach out more.”

Freimann is a senior majoring in electrical engineering. Besides her current duties as the UPC director of housing and operations, she is a residential adviser in the dorms and a member of a Lambda Delta Sigma sorority.

Students interested in applying for a student director position can pick up applications at the Union in room 255. They are due by March 25.

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