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By [email protected]

Editor: I’m sick and tired of hearing students whine about student elections when they don’t know one thing about the process. I DON’T ever want to hear again that our precious student fees are going toward buying ONE thing for elections. THEY AREN’T. All of it is funded through donations. Whether people get it from rich mommy’s and daddy’s or local businesses. I’m especially disappointed in the chrony and their lack of understanding. If you want educated candidates, if you want someone who represents your needs, then SAY SOMETHING. Every year it’s the same excuse about how ASUU is is for rich white kids. You know what, when was the last time you spent two minutes asking a candidate what they’re about. If you don’t care, then stop the whining. But understand, that your apathy is the reason the “rich resume kids” get in…because when you don’t make your voice heard in a productive way, the voters end up being the kids who see more color, or eat better food, or get cute slappy bracelets. The process is gross, but if you can’t play it, you’ll lose. Then every year the same type of people get in. There are kids who actually care, Presidents and VPs who really want to try and aren’t as rich. Come to a debate, and in 5 minutes you’ll see who are idiots and those who have ideas. Most importantly understand that ASUU has its limits. If you want partys to lie to you and say they’ll improve parking, lower your tuition, give you scholarships, help you get jobs. Then go ahead being the way you are…and if you want this game to end…then say something! Please, I’m begging you. Get the ones who care about the U get in. Sadaf Baghbani Junior, Biochemistry, Political Science