I did it all for the resume!

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

RuthAnne, Carrie and Edward adressed the question ‘Should ASUU officials be paid?’ in Thursday’s edition of the Chronicle. I agree with them that the officials should not be paid. It is a great opportunity for them to pad those resumes. Should they receive a scholarship? Yes, but their track records in office should also be able to merit their scholarships. The aforementioned question led me to ponder whether another group in our U community should be paid. This group is also able to add their experience to a resume, and some of them may merit a scholarship as well. I can’t say that they devote any more time to what they do than the ASUU officials do to their work. Allow me to pose the following question: Should the staff at The Daily Utah Chronicle be paid? Let’s ask the ASUU officials, shall we?

Kurt RadmallJunior, Communication