Letter to the Editor: Union food grosses me out


I’m confused. Recently there was a huge campaign to get students to eat at the Union. I remember the slogans said something along the lines of the Union food being great and being competitively priced to places surrounding the U.


While running from class to my job on campus, I popped into the Union to grab a bite to take to work. Hmmm, the Chinese food looked pretty good so I ordered some to go. My eye’s popped at the cash register when my teeny-tiny to-go container and a bottle of Coke cost more than $7.

When I got to work I thought, this would’ve cost me $4 at Chop Suey Luey’s. I opened the container and just about puked. The food was absolutely disgusting. The fried rice tasted like it had been fried with a used cigarette. I ended up throwing the whole thing away.

In my opinion, the Union is totally taking advantage of its convenient availability with crappy food and outrageous prices. This is one U student who will never eat at the Union again.

Katie Curtis

Senior, Communication/Public Relations