Letter to the Editor: Republicans should vote with their own feet

I am responding to the debate betweenthe College Democrats andthe College Republicans U Chapteron gay marriage. I attended theblessed event on Thursday afternoon,and I was totally not surprisedthat the Republicans had no hardevidence to support their argument(if you can call it that). They usedthat same boring rhetoric that hasbeen said over and over again thatgay marriage is not natural, and “thepeople” are against gay marriage.I would like to know which peoplethe Republicans are referring to.I am a citizen of the state of Utah.I pay my taxes here, my family ishere, I am a registered voter and Ichoose to attend college here.By these standards, I am a memberof “the people” and I very muchsupport gay marriage. In the debate,the Republicans offered a bit of adviceto all of us “gays.” They told usto “vote with our feet.” The notionof voting with my feet is absurd.The Republicans would be offendedif “the people” asked them to allmove to Texas. Well, I am not goinganywhere. I will continue to vote,pay my taxes and attend school, andif the Republicans don’t like it, theycan vote with their feet.Lauren Littlefi eldJunior, Gender Studies