Letter to the Editor: Students First was wrong to play telemarketer


I want to draw the line when campaigning becomes more invasive, such as contacting me through unsolicited phone calls (much like a telemarketer).

On Feb. 23, I received an unsolicited phone call from Vanessa Thornton from the Students First Party. During the phone call, Vanessa encouraged me to vote Students First. After hearing the message that Vanessa left me, I wondered how Students First had obtained my phone number, since I had not given it to them to contact me. Later that same day I was in the Union and passing by the CESA office. I overheard Vanessa on the phone contacting another student. I also overheard her mention to a Students First supporter that they had obtained a list of more than 17,000 student phone numbers from the student directory and were using this massive list of numbers to contact students.

As a student, I don’t want peppy phone calls about campaigns unless I ask for them. Please don’t use the student directory to contact students!

Matt Smith

Junior, History