PINC party fined $164 for mass e-mail

Holli Carter and Lindsay Higginson, an Assembly and Senate candidate, respectively, for People Incorporated, were fined $82 for sending out an unsolicited mass e-mail to students of the College of Social Work.

The e-mail was sent out to 82 members of the social work college asking the students to vote PINC, summarized the party’s platform and contained a link to the Web site.

Taylor Morgan and Rob Beck were also fined $82 because they are responsible for any illegal actions by their supporters.

The election committee chose $82, with $1 for each person who received the e-mail.

The results of the primary elections show Carter beating her opponent Clifton Uckerman of Students First by seven votes.

The primary shows Higginson losing to her opponent Whitney Watchman of Students First.

Patrick Muir