Letter to the Editor: Danni Nutter encourages healthy communication


Kurt Radmall’s response (“Nutter’s column doesn’t belong in a publicly distributed newspaper,” March 8) to the Danni Nutter article (“Party for one is definitely not party for two,” March 2) is completely absurd. I think Kurt Radmall needs to grow up.

He is a communication major, yet apparently does not understand what “communication” is about. If he did, he would understand that Danni Nutter’s articles are, coincidently enough, about communication.

The advice in her articles help couples on a topic extremely taboo in this state-in which they might not be able to find advice elsewhere. And, if he actually read one of them instead of criticizing them, he would realize most of the time her advice returns to the idea of two people talking out their problems and solving them through communication.

Oh yeah, and if Mr. Radmall can’t handle that, here’s a novel idea: Instead of complaining about an article that offends him, just don’t read the article!

Taylor Jackson

Junior, History