Letter to the Editor: I wish we’d had accommodations when I was at the U


As a Utah alumnus, my heart soared like an eagle when I read in the online Chronicle about the new Accommodation Policy (“Third time’s a charm,” March 8)!

None of my professors ever accommodated my deeply held belief that all words beginning with the letters “q” and “s” were spawned by demons.

They arrogantly expected me to read those words, and my self-esteem has suffered ever since. They also required me to use indexes and footnotes even though my religion specifically forbids the use of such tools and requires me to chant “lalalalalala” whenever anybody tries to talk to me about physics, hair design or Eddie Izzard’s oeuvre.

My “lalalalalala” was NEVER accorded the respect it deserved! At last, the madness has stopped.

Harry Haines