Men’s Hoops: A closer look at the starters: Head Coach, Ray Giacoletti

I t looks like Chris Hill has doneit again. Plucked from littleEastern Washington, Giacoletti haschanged the whos into wows in onlyone season, revamping the Ute systemand turning Andrew Bogut intoa household name.Coach Ray will deflect any praiseto his staff and players, but the proofis in the pudding when you considerhow far Bogut has come and howmuch improvement Bryant Marksonhas shown.For all those fans expecting anUrban Meyer exodus, Giacoletti issteadfast in his promise to stay atthe U. He doesn’t “expect” or “plan”to stay, he “is going to make Utah myhome and stay as long as they allowme.”Right now itappears he will beallowed here for awhile.