The Chronicle’s View: It’s not easy being green, but we’re glad U is

The U will begin using natural gas as a backup power source instead of coal. The switch was made as part of an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

In the past, the U was forced to burn up all its coal whether it needed to or not. This caused environmental problems because coal is not a clean burning energy source.

Now, because of a deal made with Questar Gas, the U will no longer use coal. Natural gas will be the exclusive back-up energy source.

This is a noble and responsible act on part of the U’s administration. This issue could have easily been ignored.

Nor is this a solitary act. The administration has done many things to make the U more environmentally friendly.

Students currently pay one dollar every semester so the school can purchase wind power. Efforts are being made to increase the amount of wind energy purchased.

The administration has also been open to student calls for a recycling program. Although slow in coming, an interest was expressed and the administration came through.

As the school makes these efforts to be greener, students have a responsibility as well. Cleaner energy is often more expensive. Students being conscious of wasting energy can save the school money in the long run.

Turn off computers not being used. Unplug appliances not needed.

Turn lights off when you leave a room. Once the recycling program starts, students will need to comply by being careful of what they throw away and what they throw in the bins.

Until that program gets going, students should e-mail ASUU officials and ask for updates. If the student body is breathing down their necks, it’s likely we’ll see those bins around campus sooner.