Letter to the Editor: Happily ever after is possible

Editor:In regards to Carrie Ferrera(“Will I ever live happily everafter?” March 9):Happily ever after is what youmake of it. It isn’t a prince and acastle. It is making ends meet andsaving up for a new driveway. Itisn’t staring at each other lovingly24/7. It is buying him a Starbucksas a surprise at work andhim greeting you when you gethome, even if you’re in the middleof a weeklong disagreement.It is both of you knowing youwill love each other more than theobstacles.It isn’t him fi lling that hole inyour life, but it is realizing eachother’s weaknesses and makingyou better at them.Oh, and it is still fi nding himirresistible for only some of thereasons you did seven years ago.Tyfanie WilsonSenior, Informations System