Letter to the Editor: Newspapers typically endorse parties

Editor:In response to Brynn Russon’s (“The Chronicle isunprofessional for endorsing a party,” March 10) andRhiannon Longstaff’s (“The Chronicle’s endorsementwas inappropriate,” March 10) letters to the editor:Ms. Russon and Longstaff, I read with bewilderedamusement your letters of apparent outrage over TheChronicle’s endorsement of a political party.Is this the fi rst newspaper you’ve ever read? Newspapershave a long-standing tradition of endorsing politicalcandidates in their opinion pages. Ms. Russon, as amass communication major, you should know a little bitabout… well, mass communication.This is nothing new, it’s just The Chronicle’s way ofmasquerading as a “real” newspaper.Historically, newspapers were used as the voices ofparticular parties, or at least the voices of their particulareditors. Now, the tradition of endorsing candidatesis accepted because a paper’s Opinion desk is separatefrom and does not (should not) infl uence the News desk.For The Chronicle, the equation is simpler because theydon’t seem to have a real News desk. As far as I can tell,most of the news in these pages is pulled from the wire.If you want to be all up in arms about what TheChronicle is printing, start your criticism with the caliberof writing and scope of coverage. There’s plenty oflegitimate material there for you to continue your angryletter-writing campaign.Jill PoeStaffEditor’s Note: The Chronicle’s News desk is notresponsible for the editorials in the opinion section.