Letter to the Editor: Driver’s license bill allows discrimination

Editor:As a minority student atthe U, I’m concerned aboutthe impact of Senate Bill227.Having suffered a fairamount of racist discriminationfor the past 19 yearsof my life, I am qualifi ed toexpress doubt in the bill’spurpose.By passing SB 227, policenow have the right to stopall drivers who appear foreignto ask to see a driver’slicense or privilege card.Basically, the police nolonger need a legitimate reasonto stop minority drivers.These actions are a deliberatedenial of the basic humanrights of the human being.Personally, being a fulltimestudent as well as afull-time employee, I do nothave the time or the patienceto be stopped by the policearbitrarily.Gov. Huntsman propagatesthe murky sprawl ofracism toward illegal immigrants,legal immigrants andUnited States citizens whohappen to belong to an ethnicminority when he signedSB 227.He has now legalized thediscrimination police noticeablypractice toward theethnically diverse population.Utah steadily movesbackward in social issues.Gov. Huntsman failed torepresent the growing legalminorities or communitiesworking to embrace diversityin Utah.Wendy KwanSophomore, Architecture