Letter to the Editor: Why do people demonize Michael Schiavo?

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I read the letters regarding Terri Shiavo with some dismay. It’s disturbing that people who do not know the participants involved demonize Michael Shiavo for wanting to disconnect the feeding tube.

I hope I am never faced with this sort of decision, but I would rather make it without the glare of public opinion. I also know that I talk to my spouse about my feelings on this issue far more openly and honestly than I do my parents.

In most cases, if there is no will it would be the nearest relation, i.e., the husband or wife, who would make this decision.

We can disagree whether it is right or wrong to stop the life- sustaining machinery Ms. Shiavo depends on, but the vilification of Michael Shiavo by pundits, right- to-life groups, Terri’s parents, Congress and letter-writers is just plain hateful.

I’ve seen no evidence that the husband in this case has any nefarious purpose. In fact, the history seems to imply the contrary. Also, as far as I know, Michael Shiavo has not demonized her parents in the press.

I think the people implying some evil intent on Michael Shiavo’s part ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Daniel McVey

Los Angeles