Communal love?

This week,one of the guysI’ve been livingwith willmove out of ourswinging bachelorpad intoa cozy Draperapartment.It’s not thathe doesn’t likeus anymore, it’sthat he likes agirl…a lot. Infact, they are getting married.The two make a good couple.I’m sure they’ll live happilyever after.Interestingly enough, thebride-to-be’s sister is datinganother guy Ilive with. Theymake a goodcouple, too.They showereach other withgifts and lovenotes. I wouldn’tbe surprised ifthey eventuallygot engaged.What’s evenmore interestingis that myroommate andI were the firstones to makecontact with,flirt with andeven date thesetwo blonde sisters.I remembergetting to knowthese seductivesiblings duringthe summer of2004. We had ablast attendingconcerts andart festivals,stuffing our faceswith grilledburgers and salads at barbecues,and throwing dance partieslate into the lazy nights. Itwas a good time to be alive.I ended up dating one of thesisters, but my work got in theway. It was at that time theguy I lived with got in my wayand romancedthe beautifulblonde outfrom under mynose. Once theybegan to date,it was easy formy other roommateto pick upon the othersister.I was mad fora while.”How couldthese two have the nerve tocome in here and take thesegirls away from us without agrace period?” I would ask. Iwas so bitter that I once textmessaged the guy who endedup dating mygirlfriend andtold him hebetter stay offmy LoveSac(the thought ofthe two kissingwhere I hadonce kissedher boiled myblood). I eventook rolls of toiletpaper fromtheir bathroomand rationalizedit by saying,”Wefoundthemtheirfuture wives,the least theycan do is give ussome toilet paper.”But I havecome to realizethat these thingshappen. Somepeople havebetter chemistrytogetherthan others,and sometimesthose with betterchemistryare the peopleyou are living with.I should have rememberedthis lesson from long ago. Afterall, I’ve shared plenty ofgirls with close friends in mylifetime.Of all the girls I have dated,almost 60 percent of them haveat one time been with a friendof mine. I have usually been onthe giving end, saving the sloppyseconds for my pals.For instance, a girl I datedfor two-and-a-half years gotengaged to one of my friends,broke it off and then marriedanother one of my buds.I dated another girl in Hawaiiwho ended up with a dude I hadfrequented the beach with. I’llsave the rest of the stories forlater, just know there are more.However, it would be a lie tosay I haven’t taken up whereother friends of mine have leftoff; sometimes as low as fourthin line. There are instanceswhere you just can’t pass up anopportunity.With these types of relationships,it’s normal for the guygetting the girl passed on tohim to feel a little uncomfortablebecause of the stigma thatcomes with sloppy seconds,but the discomfort does notoutweigh the desire to date thegirl. The chemistry betweentwo is high if one is willing tobecome the fourth person in agroup of friends to date a girl.Either that, or the guy is desperate.Right now, I’d be willingto be the last of 20 closefriends to date a girl, if it meantfinding true love. I guess I’mdesperate and tired of looking.Which reminds me. I’ve gotto go ask my friends how theirgirlfriends are [email protected]