Gambling is an addictive plague

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

I read Jeff Fullmers article on gambling and I have also read past articles of his. however,I will no longer be reading his articles because he is so misinformed and his articles are so off beat from the truth that I really feel bad for him. He is making himself look uneducated. Hey Jeff, there is no debate on the morality of poker. It is what it is, a vice that tears families, incomes, lives and society apart. Your justification for the professional poker players is ridiculous. Yes, maybe it is tough to make a living in the U.S., but I hardly think resulting to poker is the answer. Such a blatantly misinformed connection is like saying it’s ok to sell drugs or propagate #### on the basis of “it’s too hard to make an honest living! Boo-Hoo let me call the wambulance. Undoubtedly, some day in my profession, I will be helping gambling addicts who have fallen for the same addictive powers of gambling and other vices that you are defending in your article. What is your purpose Jeff? Why do you defend something that you know is no good? Yes, people occasionally win a lot of money, but the majority is left not only with no winnings, but also with less than they started with. Don’t fall into the availability heuristic of thinking that just cause these “professional” win “millions” that you too will win. The reality is that very few win. Gambling is a vice that plays on the very foibles of human nature. It is natural to think that “of course I’ll win, people always win on the shows and in the commercials”. Wake up to reality, they never show the broken home, or the man that just lost millions, on the commercials or on ESPN 2. It seems pretty obvious that if someone is to win money someone else has to be losing it. Maybe playing poker in a tournament with an admission fee of only $10 isn’t that bad. Well, it’s the principle that makes the difference. You may not become an addict by playing one measly game of poker with friends, but then again you just might. Addiction has to start somewhere. Just ask the drug addict or the #### addict or the alcoholic. I bet they didn’t start big either, but look where it got them. Good for the U for canceling the tournament. Evil is evil no matter what excuses or justifications you wrap it in. Do not call evil good. Choose a better hobby. Choose a better use of your time. Choose a better role model than David Williams. If he’s so smart you think he’d know that the odds are stacked against making a reliable income in gambling. Winnings come in waves, it either rains or you’re in a drought, usually the latter. And don’t pretend to be the modern Robin Hood, excusing poker players because they “take capital away from rich playboys who would waste it anyway”. Robin hood was a thief weather he gave to the poor or not. It is different if you give your own money to the poor. Also, you might want to learn a little bit about the LDS religion before you nominate yourself as the university spokesperson. If you are so set on being a liberal in Utah that attacks republican and LDS ideology, why do you just wear a t-shirt around that says “hello– I’m a liberal, congratulate me”. Well here you go Jeff, congratulations you’re a liberal. Bo Buchi, junior,psychology