university preschool E.C.E.C.

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>> Hi,>> this article I want you to publish, my name is helena, I am studying meteorology. I>> think it is important to let the other students know. Please, feel>> free to>> correct my written English. I appreciate it.>> Last summer my little two year old son started to go to the university>> preschool E.C.E.C. in the East Universtiy Village.>> He adapted pretty good and was said to be the nicest child in class. At>> parent teacher meetings I was told how wonderful and bright my child>> is.>> As I asked for some bad feedback, the teacher just continued to tell me>> about how my son shared his snack with another little boy sitting and>> crying to comfort him. So I just got really positive feedback from>> every>> side. My son started to complain about another little boy Noah in his>> class, who hit and cicked him. I told the teacher, but I could see>> that no>> action was done and my son complaind even more about getting hit and>> cicked in preschool from Noah. I observed myself the class to see what>> is>> going on and indeed there were aggressions from Noah to all the>> children>> in class. After my son started to have nightmares in the night shouting>> out the little boys name Noah, I really clearly forced the teacher>> Velda>> to do some action but nothing was done.>> But then my son hit another child, and I dont wonder why after all,>> which>> was observed by the coordinator Valerie Green of the E.C.E.C., she>> immediately excluded my son from his class, where he had many friends.>> As>> a full time student it is nearly impossible to have my child out on the>> street even there was no action been taken from her about this other>> child. We feel discriminated and hurt.>> I am glad that my son is in another preschool, now, there I get the>> same>> positive feedback as always about my son again. But still, then he get>> cicked or hit by anohter child, he thinks that it is Noah.>> Thank you>>>> Helena>>>> ***********************************************>> Merja Helena Schlueter>> Graduate>> Department of Meteorology>> University of Utah>> 135 S 1460 E, Rno.813>> Salt Lake City, UT 84112>> Tel. 001-(801)-585-3800>> Fax: 001-(801)-585-3681