Letter to the Editor: I am a convert to Macs


Amen, amen, amen. This is in joyous response to the letter to the editor (“People who can’t use Macs are just lazy or dumb” April 11).

Last summer I decided to purchase a “great deal” computer from Dell (a company that prides itself on having great products and computers that function with the Windows OS). Two weeks after setting the computer up, it crashed and burned and everything I had stored on it was lost.

I never thought the “Blue Screen” would ever find me, but it did. I was fed up with Windows after all these years and decided to try an Apple.

A couple of clicks later, it was at my door.

Not five minutes out of the box, it was up and running.

I don’t think those who are stuck in the Windows world are dumb. I just think it’s sad they feel at ease complicating their computer experience by putting up with the flying Windows.

And why doesn’t the Windows symbol have wings? Because it is expected to crash.

Nate Wade

Junior, Pre-Architecture