Interfaith council to hold concert tonight

The U’s Interfaith Council will present a “concert of sacred themes” tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Fort Douglas Chapel.

The concert is the fourth of its kind on campus and will spotlight five different faith communities, each of which will present something sacred to them, said Devan Hite, the Student Interfaith Council’s event coordinator.

Representatives from the Baha’i, Catholic, Muslim, Latter-Day Saints and Lutheran-Episcopal communities will make their individualized contribution to the event with some reading, some leading prayers and others singing or dancing, Hite added.

“The purpose is to raise awareness of religious diversity on campus and build a community between these groups,” Hite said. “What we do is similar to any given diversity effort…Our focus is just on the religious aspect.”

The concert will also raise money for the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable, which is a broader citywide approach to the interfaith effort that sprang out of the Olympic Hosting Committee.

Roundtable President Jan Sa’eed of the Baha’i Faith will speak at the event.

There is a suggested donation of $8 to attend the event, but Hite encouraged everyone to attend even if they cannot afford to provide a donation.

He added that attendees need not ascribe to any of the participating organizations and should feel welcome whether they belong to a faith or are agnostic.

“We’re not building a religion on campus,” he said. “This is more to spread a diversity of religions and beliefs.”

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