Letter to the Editor: Intelligence comes in all colors


I am writing in response to Edward Stevenson’s column (“Intellectual differences are more important than multiculturalism,” April 25).

I can agree that intellectual diversity is important, but the only catch is that intelligence comes in all colors.

I believe there are intelligent people and people who have academic challenges. White males don’t always fall in the first category and minorities in the other. If you really believe there are intelligent minorities in the world, shouldn’t you question why the enrollment doesn’t reflect that truth?

There are a lot of intelligent minorities who want a chance to educate themselves and contribute to our community. Minorities have been contributing to society for centuries, though this is rarely noted in the mainstream media.

Some people of the mainstream culture fear the intelligence of minorities because “knowledge is power.” The idea that we as a society would have to admit that minorities are intelligent makes some of us uncomfortable because power could be taken away on political and economic levels.

You could sit in a room with all white males with different cars and think that you are challenging yourself, but you are not. Because you only have slight differences, you haven’t allowed yourself to really come out of your comfort zones and learn to work with people who look different from you do.

So why don’t you really challenge yourself and allow minorities who are educated and hard working your same privilege.

News flash! People of all different colors helped build this country.

Education is the key.

Jocelyn Long

Senior, English