The Chronicle’s View: Witness the Grand Kerfuffle

The ASUU Presenter’s Office has scheduled a grand finale to one of its best years ever. The Grand Kerfuffle is an all day concert/festival that takes place today to celebrate the end of a great year. Among many other notable and desirable features of the event is a concert by the Violent Femmes. That’s right, THE Violent Femmes.

Years ago ASUU sponsored an event called “Mayfest” that was famous throughout the valley as a great end-of-the-year bash with lots of local music.

The less-attended “Redfest” was chosen to replace it because someone believed a homecoming festival would be better attended than one held during finals.

This year’s Presenter’s Office managed to pull a success out of Redfest with Deathcab for Cutie and has had the presence of mind to resurrect an end-of-the-year festival.

Scheduled a week before finals, the Grand Kerfuffle has the potential to draw all the old fans of Mayfest in addition to those who might have shied away to study for big tests.

Kudos to the Presenter’s Office. This year, the U has been graced by the chords of Wilco, the rhythms of Jurassic 5 and the wisdom of Morgan Spurlock-all while being plagued by concerns about the office’s restructuring.

No one should be surprised that this office has decided to finish out the year with one of the best-known bands of the ’80s and ’90s.

Our only hope is that students will not be confused or turned off by the name, Grand Kerfuffle. Sounding more like a brand of gourmet popcorn or cheap brandy, countless students may not have grasped the coolness of this new event.

The Grand Kerfuffle starts off with free breakfast, it goes all day with local bands playing until 5 p.m.

Free giveaways and spray-on tattoos are just some of the announced activities to keep you busy until the headliners get underway.

The green and brown posters look more like ads for clothing found at The Gateway, but the silhouettes are obviously striving for the style of recent iPod commercials.

Perhaps the new name is trying to convey a message about this new and exciting festival. “Aprilfest” or just “End of Year Bash” would have worked, but hey, these people are bringing us the Violent Femmes-they can call it whatever they want.