Peeping Tom

Brigham Young University

Daily Universe

Two BYU students started a dating club to help students pair up, according to the article, “Date club hopes to help dateless.”

“Dating club president Mark Sanderson, a senior majoring in history, said the ultimate aim of the club is to alleviate the awkwardness of dating and help people relax.” They began advertising for their club with the slogan, “Come scratch your itch to get hitched,” putting it on posters and selling T-shirts around campus.

Slogans not used were “Find a mate to procreate,” and “Satisfy your need to breed.” The university banned the T-shirt printed with the sentence, “I’m well endowed.”

In addition, the BYU police beat reported that “homosexually suggestive graffiti” was found in a men’s restroom in the Harold B. Lee Library between May 18 and 20.

Basketball semi-star Austin Ainge was outraged.

Westminster College

The Forum

A group of education students meeting with President Michael Bassis “organized their thoughts using sidewalk chalk instead of a pad of paper so everyone could share,” according to the article “Tuition increase sparks reaction.”

Later they blew bubbles and played four-square.

Utah Valley State College

The College Times

The new ballpark on the UVSC campus remains nameless after the Parkway Crossing apartments failed to pay the $1.7 million to secure the naming rights. “We do have some other potential people that might want to step in and fill in the void,” UVSC President William Sederburg said.

Who will get naming rights of UVSC’s baseball stadium remains unknown.

Two companies, Bikini Cuts and Clean Flicks, are in a bidding war to secure the naming rights.

Dixie State College

Dixie Today

“Final voting for Dixie State College mascot is complete and the ballots…are in and accounted for…. The red hawk received 33 percent of the total vote. The coyote and roadrunner received 22 percent and 20 percent of the vote respectively,” according to “Final voting for DSC mascot complete, College Council now takes over.” “The blaze/sun (11 percent), dragon/reptile (10 percent), and scorpion (4 percent) were the other semi-finalists voted on in the final round of voting.”

The lead write-in votes were the porn stars, the banana slugs and the Mormon missionaries.

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