Letter to the Editor: Complaining isn’t proactive


I must write in protest to Beverly Nelson’s letter to the editor (“Greeks are a menace, Chronicle doesn’t care,” June 3).

Nelson doesn’t seem to understand that it is not her neighborhood that we as greeks are intruding into-she is referring to a neighborhood in which we all live collectively.

Nelson’s letter suggests that we greeks are entirely selfish, and that we believe that only our welfare deserves consideration.

On the contrary, Nelson, and all non-greek members of the neighborhood, we understand that you have concerns and your opinions should be valued. Apparently we are not alone, as both the university and city government have taken steps for all parties’ concerns to be heard and properly addressed in a manner fitting the circumstances.

If you’d prefer a more personal discussion, I’m sure representatives from every greek house would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss any trepidation you may feel. In fact, I’ll buy lunch.

In her letter, Nelson failed to address many facts about living in our neighborhood. Specifically, she failed to discuss the nature of zoning in our city.

Most of the greek houses on Greek Row have been standing since well before Ms. Nelson was born and even before much of the campus was constructed.

Greek-letter houses, by law, are restricted to our neighborhood and have been for quite some time.

As a result of the zoning, property values in this neighborhood have decreased-giving families that otherwise could not afford to live in the area the opportunity to move in.

Perhaps it is time to stop feeling disenfranchised by the community, the university, the city and, apparently, The Daily Utah Chronicle. Instead, why don’t we focus on proactive and reasonable solutions to our problems?

Kim Bowman Jr.

Junior, Gender Studies

Sigma Chi Historian