Letter to the Editor: Stealing is what hurts musicians


I am writing in response to the June 8 article, “Music downloading hurts local businesses, artists.”

It is not the downloading that hurts, it is the downloading without paying-which is known as stealing music-that debilitates music stores and musicians and hinders them from earning a living.

As a local musician, I have had many more sales through the Internet and digital downloading from sites such as www.cdbaby.com, which highlight independent artists, than I ever had from local stores or concerts.

I love being able to buy individual songs or works from sites. Not only do I get to choose from a huge selection, but I also don’t have to buy a whole “filler” recording.

The public needs to realize that, though many do it, downloading music without paying for it is stealing. You are a thief if you do this.

Come on, folks, is 99 cents too much to pay for a tune?

Lisa Verzella

Junior, Meteorology