Muir maligned Greek Row


Apparently a woman who is greek-affiliated, a liberal and not a member of Chi Omega sorority is more “likely to party or engage in sexual activity”-at least, according to Patrick Muir.

Recently Muir wrote an article that focused on greeks, particularly on the fact that the Chi Omega chapter is viewed as conservative (“Cool to be conservative,” Sept. 12).

Muir’s article didn’t just focus on Chi Omega in a good light, but rather portrayed the other five greek sorority chapters in negative ways.

As a member of the greek system, I can tell you that many things in Muir’s article wereslanted or one-sided.

When explaining quota, a limit set by the National Panhellenic Council about how many members a chapter may accept, Muir wrote as if the rule was put in place specifically for Chi Omega.

After stating that Chi Omega filled its quota, he neglected to mention that 5 out of the 6 chapters on campus also made quota.

However, recruitment will never be successful until all the chapters make quota.

Muir inserted a quote from Jacqi Livingston, a Panhellenic Council officer, stating that said the Chi Omega chapter is 100 percent Mormon.

The inaccuracy of that statement would have been discovered with a little fact checking.

Furthermore, Muir’s misinterpretation of Jacqueline Huntsman’s statements regarding her chapter portrayed the remaining chapters on Greek Row in a derogatory light.

Muir continued to misconstrue Greek Row by falsely stating that all chapters but Chi Omega participate in “boat races.”

No chapter participates in boat races. Individual students may take part in those activities, but no chapter as a whole participates.

What Muir also neglected to mention was that all the sororities at the U have national policies barring alcoholic substances on sorority property. Most also do not allow any alcohol at any official chapter-sanctioned events, either.

Ultimately, Muir’s article was full of fallacies and had no place on the front page of a university newspaper-rather, it belongs as an editorial by a very biased, inadequately informed writer.

Naziol Nazarinia

Junior, Communication

Alpha Chi Omega Member